Professor Mohammad Ali Asgar 
Academic Qualification:  
Obtained B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc. from Dhaka University in 1960 and 1962, respectively and got Ph.D in solid state Physics from Southampton University, England, 1970. Received postdoc Commonwealth Staff Fellowship in England in 1982 and worked in Southampton University (1982-83). Also worked as Research Fellow in ICTP, Italy and IPPS, Upsala University, Sweden.
Doctor Moniruzzaman Gold Medal for Contribution to Science. Doctor Kudrat-e-Khuda Gold Medal for Science Writings. Diploma Engineers Association Gold Medal for Science Popularization. Mercantile Bank Gold Medal for Contributions to Science and Technology.
Professional Experience:  
Joined the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 1962, worked as Professor and Head of Physics Department, Dean of Engineering Faculty and Member of the Syndicate, BUET. He was also Professor Rashid Chair, BUET. Dr. Asgar developed a modern magnetism laboratory in the Physics department, BUET, in collaboration with IPPS, Upsala University, Sweden and formed the Dhaka Material Science Group for developing experimental facilities, training expertise in the field and forming a network with local, regional and international cooperation. The laboratory facilities have been developed to prepare magnetic alloys, ferrites, magnetic thin films, amorphous magnetic materials and nano-structured materials in collaboration with the University of Hanoi, Vietnam, through the support of IPPS. Experimental facilities have been developed jointly with AEC for the study of primary and secondary intrinsic magnetic properties and structure dependent properties for the basic understanding of co-operative magnetism and the technical magnetization process in different magnetic media and to develop hard, semi-hard and soft magnetic materials for technological applications.
Has published over eighty technical papers in national and international journals such as Proc. Royal Society, Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Physics, Thermochemical Acta Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Indian Journal of Physics, Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Nuclear Science and Applications, and Bangladesh Journal of Physics. Published twenty books on science, education and development. Has written over five hundred articles for science popularization and public understanding of science. Designed and proposed national science week programme for innovative science education. Performed over hundred television and radio programme on science. Initiated the country-wide science club activity as the chairman of the children's organization Kelaghara┬Ł, written hundreds of science projects for innovative science activity.
Source: Bangladesh Academy of Sciences