Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT)
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna-9203, Bangladesh


Admission is going on for the M.Sc. Eng. (ICT), Postgraduate Diploma in ICT, Professional Diploma and Training Program, January 2020 Session

1. M.Sc. Eng. (ICT) [ Details... ]

⦿ Duration: 1.5 Years ( Maximum 5 years)

⦿ Total Credit: 36
  • Theory: 18 credit + Thesis: 18 credit
  • Theory: 27 credit + Project: 9 credit

⦿ Admission Form: Click here to Download

⦿ Course Fee: University Defiend.

⦿ Form Submission: Submit the filled application form to the academic section of the university along with the defined fee payment Bank slip.

⦿ Probable Date of Admission Test: 30/01/2020

⦿ Note: Copies of certificates and transcripts must be submitted with the admission form.

‣ For more details [ Details... ]

2. Postgraduate Diploma Program in ICT: 3 Terms (1.5 Years).
⦿ Admission Form: Click here to Download

3. Professional Diploma Course:

1. Diploma in Computer Networks and System Administration (DNSA)

2. Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Development (DIPW) (January 2020 Session)

3. Diploma in Software Engineering (DSE) (January 2020 Session) (C, C++, Python, Client Side Scripting, Server Side Scripting)

4. Diploma in Mobile Application Development (DMAD) (January 2020 Session) (Android Studio, Java, Android Apps...)

5. Diploma in Multimedia and Graphics Design (DMGD) (January 2020 Session)

3. Training Course:

1. Office Application Packages; (January 2020 Session) (Office Application + Computer Troubleshooting)

2. Graphics Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign etc.)

3. Computer Networks and Server Management (Linux: CentOS, Web Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server, FTP Server, Database Server, DHCP Server, SSH, Samba etc...)

4. Computer Networking (LAN, Switch, Router configuration, UTP RJ 45 Cabling etc.)

5. Mobile Apps Development; (Object Oriented Programming (Java) + Mobile Programming)